Terms and conditions

Rental is done for periods of three (3) months, and it is possible to prepay multiple periods with one payment. Should you decide to terminate your rental agreement, any non-started month will be refunded. Changing violin size is easy, just drop by to exchange your violin for another size. At the end of the three months period, we send you a renewal letter. You just need to pay the invoice by bank transfer to continue or return your instrument within a reasonable period to end your rental contract. Rental, besides the instrument, also includes a bow, shoulder rest (violin and viola), case or bag for cello and rosin.

The standard all-in package includes maintenance and adjustments to allow learning in optimal conditions and protects you against little accidents needing repairs (up to 200€). Only broken strings due to mishandling remain a cost to be covered by you. Do not hesitate to drop by if your violin teacher suspects something is wrong.

The optional theft/break insurance covers you against accidents beyond repair, and theft.

To start your rental contract we require a guarantee: your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) is used to avoid cash. If you do not own any such card, then perhaps a parent or friend can give their credit card number along with an authorization letter to be used as guarantee. The only other option is to transfer or deposit money.

From half size violins onwards, you can choose between two quality levels:

Standard quality is best suited for beginners

First quality will cater for the discovery of even richer sounds motivating the emerging artist

For full size violins, we also have Premium instruments from our own workshop , they’ll give you a glimpse of the richness and experience that tradition and violin maker know-how can offer.

Please contact us for prices and availability of the different instruments: Violin, Viola and Cello.