Meteny Cello – Stradivari model –

Cello “Meteny” inspired by the model of Antonio Stradivarius “Duport” made in 1711

Our mid-range workshop production. We move from the standard to the particular, the manufacturing principles do not change the entry-level, but the care and time taken to achieve the details makes all the difference. The models are more specific, we choose quality wood, handpicked, the varnish is more aesthetically worked and we bring a particular care to the archings and the thicknesses.

Carpathian maple and spruce from the Dolomites or Juras are selected according to their density, their aesthetic characteristics, their structure, their cut in order to develop the sound of the instrument according to the traditions, the empiricism and the current knowledge in acoustics.

Price range: 8000 – 10000 €