Violin “atelier de la Dyle”, standardization of the Guarneri model

Our entry-level workshop production. The woods are of good quality. The instrument has been designed to meet all standards, to respect the proportions in order to have logical intonation. The geometry of the instrument is finely controlled which establishes a balance of string pressure on the “instrument system” : the sound emission is simple and direct. The treatment of the wood and the varnish respect the sound of the instrument and protects it, in addition to giving it a nice, slightly antiqued aesthetic. We are aiming here for a range of standardized instruments with a design allowing a standard of quality inspired by the tradition and expertise of violin makers that we are. The production is rationalized and executed by skilled workers (non-luthier), which makes it possible to reach a very affordable cost.

Carpathian maple and spruce, varnished with slightly antiqued alcohol varnish for a pleasant aesthetic. Emission and sound quality easy and enjoyable, satisfying amateur and students.